2019 Program Calendar


    2019 CALENDAR


    January 11-13 Winter Camping Weekend

    Love Shack or Story-Time (Heated 1-Room Log Cabins)

    Check In: 2-4pm Check Out: 10am-Noon

    Have you ever wanted to try winter camping in a log cabin? I spend quite a few weekends down at the camp, carrying in my own water and staying nice and cozy in my 1- room cabin. My days are spent hiking, reading, writing, and on occasion a campfire to enjoy the starry nights. If you’d like to rent a cabin for the weekend, but would like to have a little extra support, consider camping when I will be right down there with you. On Saturdays I will offer a campfire breakfast, a guided hike in the woods and a campfire in the evening.

    Storytime and Love Shack Cabins are available for winter camping. Cabins are equipped with a heater, fridge, electric hot water kettle, energy efficient microwave & 5 gallon cooler of potable water. Cabins sleep up to 4 with a full size bed and bunk beds. The cabins also have a desk, chair and lamp. The cabins are located about 1/4 mile down a seasonal road which is momentarily drivable. But when the snow comes, we park in the parking area on top of the hill and hike, ski, snowshoe or sled down to our cabins.

    January 19 Healing Hearts Dish to Pass Gathering for Women

    at the Mountain Queen Cabin, 4-7pm

    I would like to invite you to join me at the Mountain Queen Cabin for some connection and nurture. I would love to hear from all of you about your progress on your life journey and also share with you some of my ideas for CEC Womens’ Programs for 2019 which will focus on Self Care & Healing in Nature. Bring a dish to pass if you choose, and bring your stories and struggles if you choose. Nothing is as heavy when we share the load.

    I am super excited about my own experience staying at a Women’s Healing and Retreat Center in a High Desert Wildlife Refuge in Serafina, New Mexico. I plan to return there in November to do my own retreat. I have learned so much this past year through my reading, studying and work with families who have been impacted by early childhood trauma. There is so much evidence that shows that healing is within our reach. Not only healing ourselves but having influence over those we love by the way we interact with them. Let’s bring our good energy with us! Weather permitting, we will have a campfire and a chance to share any inspirational readings, poems, songs, etc. that you may choose to bring.

    Please RSVP if you would like to attend.  Hope to see you soon!
    With Peace & Gratitude,
    Eshay (Susan)


    February 1-3, Winter Camping Weekend:

    Winter Camping Weekend: Love Shack or Story-Time (Heated 1-Room Log Cabins)

    Check In: 2-4pm Check Out: 10am-Noon See description under January

    February 1-28 Interviews for Caretaker and Interns to be scheduled.


    Heading to Costa Rica for an Experience in the Rainforest and Jungle! Looking forward to sharing all about it when I get back!


    April 19-21, Earth Day: Camping Weekend (All cabins and campsite are 50% off.) Please note the water won’t be turned on yet, but we will have access to potable water for drinking, cooking and cleaning.


    May 3, Camp Earth Connection Campground Opens (Shower and Water are back on!)

    May 11, Healing Hearts Womens Dish to Pass Gathering at Camp Earth Connection –

    More information to come.


    Camp Eath Conenction Campground Open


    Camp Earth Connection Campground Open


    Camp Earth Connection Campground Open

    August 19-24 Women in Wilderness Village Camp

    For all those women who love the idea of building their own campsite and living out in nature – there is a special spot in the Hammond Hill Woods which has been calling out to me for just this purpose. I have designed a camp just for you! Come pitch your tent, and join me as we turn this site into a outdoor living and learning space for women. Learn and practice outdoor living skills which could save your life and at the least build your confidence in the woods and out in nature. Nature provides us with everything we need to live on this planet. Let’s get back to it! Skills you will learn and use include: Campcraft; Fire, fire, fire! Shelters providing warmth and comfort; Preparing food outdoors; Animal & Plant Awareness; Tracking; Meditation and Healing in Nature; Weaving & cordage; Leathercraft; Woodcraft; Water purification and more! More information to come.

    Please e-mail CEC if you want to get on the mailing list for this event.


    September 14 Healing Hearts Fall Day Retreat

    Women, give yourself this day to focus on self care in nature. Workshops & Activities will include: Movement in Nature, Mindfulness, Meditation, An Introduction to the art of Kyudo (The Way of the Bow) and a guided Writing Workshop. Hot Tub & Meals included. Pre-register now by sending an email to CEC.


    October 4-6 Adirondack Women’s Retreat

    Another opportunity to give yourself a weekend away in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. It’s all about self care and healing in nature. Join Susan for guided trail hikes, nature meditation sit spots, outdoor skills and more as we cabin camp in the Old Forge Region of the Adirondacks. Healthy Meals provided. Pre-register by sending an e-mail to CEC.

    October 31st Campground Closes for the Season


    November 1 Winter Cabin Camping Begins

    November 26-30 Potential Dates for Healing Hearts Women’s Retreat in New Mexico

    More information to come!


    December 20-22 Healing Hearts Winter Solstice Retreat at the Mountain Queen Cabin

    More information to come.

Visit the Camp Earth Connection Website for Schedule Updates.

Camp Earth Connection includes a campground with both primitive and cabin camping facilities; adult programming, such as the Healing Hearts Retreats; and Children and Family Summer Programs. The camp is also rented out to individuals, families, and groups to host camping, special events and celebrations of all kinds.

Our Mission & Vision

At Camp Earth Connection we provide a safe space for all individuals, children and families.  We design our programs to be inclusive and anti-biased and provide a diverse staff to meet the needs of a diverse community in an alcohol and drug free environment.  We create communities that embrace and respect diversity.

Camp Earth Connection provides inspirational outdoor experiences which result in a greater appreciation for nature and a passion for learning more about the environment. Camp Earth Connection is all about You, Me and Us, and together we make community.


Camp Earth Connection is nestled in the beautiful Hammond Hill State Forest in the town of Dryden, 12 miles East of Ithaca, New York.  A 19-mile Trail System accessible from the camp is designed to offer recreation activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and cross-country skiing.

Click here for directions and a map.