2016 Healing Hearts Workshop Descriptions

An Introduction to Zen Archery

Susan Rausch

After teaching Beginning Archery for many of years to children and adults, I realized how frustrating it can be for individuals as they judge themselves on their ability to “hit the target.”   A couple of years ago I began reading about Kyudo, or “The Way of the Bow” which is a Japanese martial art.  Kyudo is sometimes associated with Zen Buddhism as a meditation form – with a focus on breathing, form and becoming one with the bow.   Hitting the target becomes of less importance than developing a technique, or a set of movements that is consistent.  We clear our mind of thoughts and become one with the bow.   Join me to learn some basic archery techniques and practice becoming one with the bow.

How to Make the Most of your Healing Hearts Retreat Experience

Sherron Brown

Description coming shortly

The Wildlife of Hammond Hill

Linda Spielman

In this session you will  be introduced to the creatures that inhabit the forests and fields of Hammond Hill. Photos, skulls, chews, and other items will help us to get a real feel for the animals, and there will be plenty of time for discussion and questions. We’ll be at the main camp, and no special gear is needed.


Sareanda Lourdes, RN

Yoga will be offered in mornings for all women.  Yoga instruction will accommodate women at all levels from first time yoga participants to those who regularly participate in yoga.

Reiki for Women

Starlet  Lebrun

In this workshop, participants will learn a little about Reiki, the benefits and how it can be used to help heal woman’s issues, to balance hormones and more.

Loving and Healing on Stolen Land: Revealing our Wounded Roots

Aislyn Colgan & Beth Harris

Aislyn and Beth will use an interactive approach and Buffy Sainte-Marie’s song lyrics to explore the hidden indigenous roots of our natural environments where we are seeking healing. We will invite participants to share their personal ancestral herstories and how they have been affected by settler colonialism.  Participants will conclude by imagining projects to make the political contexts of our personal connections to the earth more transparent in order for collective healing in nature to become a more inclusive project.

Communicating Peacefully and Effectively when in Conflict – Incorporating Hip Hop Dance

Gladys Brangman

This workshop was designed to give anyone the tools they need to find their own voice, when dealing with a difficult situation. During this workshop, attendees will learn to recognize and examine their own responses to conflict, learn what peacemaking responses look like and then apply those responses to their own difficult situations. This peacemaking approach to conflict breathes grace and brings integrity and wisdom to the table.   The ultimate goal of this workshop is to share with attendees how to communicate with integrity.  Gladys will incorporate Hip Hop Dance into this workshop to introduce a new & fun way of communicating.

Forest Walk

Linda Spielman

Participants will travel over the landscape, looking at the habitat from the point of view of the animals. Trails, feeding sign, tracks, and other evidence will connect us directly to the lives of the creatures that depend on Hammond Hill for their survival. Please bring a water bottle and wear comfortable shoes or hiking boots.

Becoming the Artist of your Life

Sue Brightly

When you act as the creator of your own happiness and well-being you empower yourself as the artist of your life.  This workshop is an exercise in considering our life choices and expressing a vision of our lives as art, as we create an abstract acrylic painting on canvas.

Mindfulness & Self-Forgiveness

Vivinne (Kala) Williams

We will start with gentle guided mindfulness practice of the body:  body scan/relaxation.   Then clearing the mind via simple mindful awareness of the present moment and breath.  The bulk of the time will be spent in a guided self-forgiveness practices as we meditate.  Time for journaling  on what came up and for optional sharing at end.  You can sit in a chair, on ground on a cushion or lay down.

1-2-3 Salsa With Me

Susie Gutierrez

Participants will learn basic counts and beginner steps to get them started to be salsa dancers!  Introductory moves and general instruction for posture and movement will be taught.

Speaking and Sharing our Hopes & Dreams

Susan Rausch

What if all of your hopeful dreams do come true?  Sometimes we do not even realized our dreams come true until we speak about them or our lives.  This is an opportunity for you to come together to speak out loud about your hopes and dreams and gain support and encouragement from a community of women in the safe space of Camp Earth Connection.

Dice and Playing Card Divination

Starlet  Lebrun

Have fun and learn to divine the future using old world magic. In this workshop, we will learn simple methods of divination using simple dice and playing cards.


Reflective Writing (Reflecting on your experience at Healing Hearts)

Sherron Brown

Description coming shortly