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This is an alcohol and drug free space.

The Seven Rustic Cabins

The Red Eft – Situated close to the Red Eft Cafe, this Cabin faces East which allows a morning of sunshine and bird songs, if you pull the curtains back and take your ear-plugs out! The Red Eft is a common site at Camp Earth Connection and in the woods of the Hammond Hill State Forest.  This cabin has one single cot and one full size cot with mattresses.

The Meadow Vole – This Rustic Cabin also facing Eastward and onto the open field and is in a sunny location shaded by young Red Maples Trees. A great place to enjoy morning warmth, and right next to the Helianthus Room, a greenhouse for young sunflowers and other plants. Meadow voles frequent the fields and the Helianthus room at Camp Earth Connection.  This cabin has two single cots and a covered area for 2 bikes behind the cabin.

The Pine Shelter – This lovely cabin with screened windows and doors is located adjacent to and shaded by a beautiful White Pine, also known as the Tree of Peace.  One of the beautiful spots on the campground.  This cabin has a large full size air mattress and two single mattresses.  A wonderful little rustic camping cabin for a family of 4.

Betula lenta – or the Black Birch, is also known by many past campers at Camp Earth Connection as the Rootbeer Tree. This Canvas Cabin is located in the woods among the Black Birch Trees. Many children enjoyed chewing on the twigs of these trees to savor the “rootbeer” like taste of the Black Birch. If you enjoy a little more forest then field, you will enjoy this quiet shaded canvas tent-cabin.

The Aspen – Located in the heart of the camp, it is surrounded by Quaking Aspen and Poplar trees. It was mended after Aspen roots uprooted it’s floor and and Aspen tree had fallen onto the roof. Aspens are native trees to this area, and have a peaceful hum as their leave “quake” in the wind.

Coyotes Den – This cabin begins to enter a more secluded section of the camp and may feel distant, yet it is only a short walk to the main facilities. Much like the coyote who may sound like it is right outside your window.

Writer’s Den – located deeper into the forest, this Cabin features a Wooden Desk and Chair instead of one of the dresser’s. For those campers who seek solitude for contemplation and creativity this cabin is highly recommended. The night sounds are vibrant and real! A privy is located nearby as well as a water spigot.

If you are interested in reserving a rustic cabin please send an e-mail message to with the dates and name of cabin that you are requesting to see if there is availability. Payment can be made through Paypal below, or mail payment or deposit to: Earth Connection, 63 Hammond Hill Rd, Freeville, NY 13068.


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