2015 Healing Hearts Workshop Descriptions

Becoming the Artist of Your Life

Sue Brightly

When you act as the creator of your own happiness and well-being you empower yourself as the artist of your life.  This workshop is an exercise in considering our life choices and expressing a vision of our lives as art, as we create an abstract acrylic painting on canvas.

Women, Leadership, and Community Change

Anne Rhodes

This is an exciting time. There is so much movement toward more equitable, safer, more sustainable, and more fulfilling ways to live. Whether we look at Black Lives Matter, or Fossil Free Tompkins, or We Are Seneca Lake, or the proliferation of Community Gardens, or Livable Wage, we see lots and lots of people engaged in making our lives better.
And often those people moving things forward are women, which makes perfect sense. We live in a world whose resources, norms, politics, and money have mostly been controlled by men. That is changing.
In what ways are women leading our communities?
What do people in our various communities need now?
What does women’s leadership look like?
And how can we build our capacity to lead our communities toward becoming more equitable and sustainable?

50 Shades of Grey

Naomi Trevelyan

There is one big misconception about BDSM (Bondage Discipline, Sado Masochism) and that is it’s all about pain.  Yes, that can be a part of it; But it doesn’t have to be.  In fact more often than not, it isn’t.  The Presenter will give a brief introduction to the world of kink and how you can use it to heal yourself and spice up your sex life in the process.  The instructor  will bring her toy bag for a show and tell demonstration.  Be prepared to have some fun.

Healing the ‘Great Grief’

Beth Bannister

People are talking more and more about what it is like for humans, as we witness what is happening in the world. Not only are there health consequences of climate change/environmental destruction and humans harming humans– such as trauma, anxiety, depression, substance abuse– but these stuck feelings of anger, mourning, sadness and grief prevent us from thinking well and leading powerfully in the world.
In this workshop, we will descend into the anger, mourning and sadness, and not speedily bypass them to jump into fake optimism or escaping into indifference. Through time in nature, listening pairs, writing and group sharing–we will together
experience this more-than-personal sadness–a feeling that rises in us as if from the Earth itself. We will mourn our losses, connect with the pain of the world– so we can open our hearts fully to all things still living, break open our numbing, find a community of like-minded people, and head toward public re-engagement in cultural solutions.

Aromatherapy: An Overview

Cha Roberts, LMT, CHCA

In this class we will explore basic information of essential oils for aromatherapy use.

We will explore:

  • what essential oils are and where they come from
  • methods of application
  • using essential oils and safety considerations
  • some essential oil products

Then:  We will create a blend for personal use

Embracing Mortality in a Death Phobic Society

Kellie Lamoreau

This workshop will entail a guided discussion about mortality and “living mortally” including an explanation of the living will document “Five Wishes”. Each participant will receive a copy of this document to be completed or initiated during the workshop, brought home, or shared.

Pelvic Health Your Whole Life

Sareanda Lourdes, RN

We will gather to learn the basics of holistic pelvic health and how to care for your own pelvic bowl.  We will also do yoga and meditations specifically for healing in the root.  There will be a brief period before our class begins when participants can write down any pelvic health concerns or questions anonymously; I will address these concerns in our class time.  Questions are very welcome anytime throughout the class, too


1-2-3 Salsa With Me

Susie Gutierrez

Participants will learn basic counts and beginner steps to get them started to be salsa dancers!  Introductory moves and general instruction for posture and movement will be taught.


Connecting with the Trees

Susan Rausch

Join Susan for a walk through the forest of Camp Earth Connection and learn about some of the native trees that grow here and consider the lessons that these great grandmother trees have to offer us.  There will be an opportunity for participants to reflect upon their own connection with trees and consider the impact this connection may have had on their lives.  Bring cameras, journals and wear appropriate clothing.  This walk is not on a trail, so be prepared for uneven terrain, mud and rocks.

No Wrongs, only Write

Sherron Brown

Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves by exploring whatever comes to mind in print.  Some writing suggestions will be available and any interpretation of the topic will be accepted.  Participants may choose to draw, or write prose or poetry, fact or fiction.  Presenter asks that you commit yourself to the proocess and be present as you continue through your journey.

A Natural Walk

Susan Rausch

Learn how to walk in a more”natural” way.  Before Nike sneakers and Timberland workboots – And before bikes, cars and planes – There was one form of transportation – walking, and this walking was done either barefoot or with minimal protection made from plant materials or animal hide.  As the sneaker and shoe industry developed, so did more foot and leg problems.  In general, all the cushioned and confining developments of shoes enabled us to forget how to walk as our bodies were designed to walk.  The presenter has been a long-distance runner off and on throughout her life.  In her late 40’s Susan  learned how to move in a way that both protected her body, but  also enabled her to run longer distances with less pain and less injuries.  This workshop will teach some very basic techniques to avoid injury when you walk or run and it will also include a 60 minute guided walk on the trails of the Hammond Hill State Forest.