Being 60: Reflecting on the Trails Less Traveled

Eshay and Druid, Summer 2023

At 60, I reflect back on the last few years and acknowledge my losses: my father, a dear friend, a brother in-law, my 9th grandchild and my long-time canine companion. I left my job with a regular “paycheck”, and dealt with tick born illnesses as well as the changes that come with my body as I age. And fortunately, I survived the covid pandemic.

I also welcomed some new people into my life, my 10th grandchild, my business mentors, some new euchre playing buddies and lots of new guests at Camp Earth Connection. I learned more about the birds of Hammond Hill, spent a few weeks winter camping in Florida with friend and welcomed a new puppy into my life.

I left my job, well, because I “froze”. Although I loved the healing work that was happening with people and families, I found I could not give any more without deep sadness, and tears. This past year, I have been searching, walking, crying and healing. Maybe I was depressed or maybe I was just going through what I had to go through. I do know that every day I get to spend as a physical being on this earth is a gift, no matter what hardships I face, or joys I encounter. I feel immense gratitude for life on this planet with all it’s challenging and joyful moments.

I truly live a life I love. Yet, I still yearn to fill my life with new experiences and relationships. I can authentically say that all my dreams have come true, and continue too, as I continue to dream, so I say with caution, careful what you wish for or dream for. Make sure your dreams are directing you on your path. But no worries if they don’t, because there are lessons to learn.

Eshay on a tree walk near and a mature Red Oak Tree

Living in the forest gives me the strength I need to face life’s challenges, face my own recovery, heal, and find direction needed to move forward on my path.

I believe we all choose a path or trail “less traveled” at some point in our lives. And sometimes we go back to the old trail – The old patterns, what we know, what feels secure. Eventually most of us find, there is no real security in life, as we cannot control the planet or our destiny. What we can do is take charge of our brains, and control our choices, with support from each other and our mother earth. Every minute on this planet counts.

A New Day:  I have found the excitement of change and growth is returning to my life. I am inspired to create again, and will be offering “Eshay’s Retreat” in September, for those who are looking to “move forward” on their paths. We will be cabin and tent camping at Camp Earth Connection and doing some self-discovery via writing, meditation, playing and sharing in the forest. I expect this to be a life changing experience for all who join me. Learn more about Eshay’s Retreat at  Registration opens soon. 

With Peace and Gratitude,

Eshay and Druid