A Woodland Campground

A Woodland Campground

Camp Earth Connection's Woodland Campground

A Woodland Campground that values Connection with Nature & People

Site map by J. Rausch © 2015 (Image is large and may take a moment to load!)
Site map by J. Rausch © 2015 (Image is large and may take a moment to load!)

This is an alcohol and drug free space.

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On June 1st, 2015 Camp Earth Connection opened a unique campground for our community and beyond.  As with all Camp Earth Connection programs, we provide a diverse and professional staff as well as inclusive and anti-biased programs in a beautiful natural environment. This campground is for everyone who seeks fun and inspirational experiences in nature. Camp Earth Connection is a drug and alcohol free facility.  We value diversity and want to provide a safe space and welcome all types of families.  We practice sustainable and regenerative living practices such as composting, re-using, and recycling.


Shower House & Compost toilets
Camp Greenhouse
The Red Eft Cafe Pavilion

As a Natural Campground our facility is designed to have a minimal impact on the surrounding land by using principles and practices such as permaculture, no trace camping, composting toilets, rainwater collection, and minimal motorized traffic. Parking will be in designated areas, and carts and staff assistance will be available if needed to bring gear to your campsite. We are excited to have completed construction of a shower-house with hot water. We also have two different compost toilet systems in place.  As we become established and with your involvement we will work towards becoming a sustainable facility.

FACILITY RENTALS – If you are interested in renting the camp or part of the camp for an event, a ceremony or a retreat please contact us by e-mail or phone to discuss rental fees, program fees and availability.

Walk the Facilities & Learn more about the Camp and the Forest

Come visit Camp Earth Connection. Take a guided walk around the campground to see our progress, learn about the history of the camp, and explore the Hammond Hill trails. E-mail or call to find out when the next walk is available or to schedule one.