A Vision for Camp Earth Connection and the Land in 2024

December 2023 on Hammond Hill

Over the years, my experience has been that when I envision something, it is likely to happen. It may not be exactly how I envisioned it, but it almost always comes to fruition. As the New Year approached, I made a decision to take a fresh look at my vision and goals for Camp Earth Connection and the land. I felt the need to ensure that that it was in alignment with my core values. So, I took some time to clarify my vision and here are the words that describe it.

The Vision

I live my life in nature. Walking, writing, reading, eating, sleeping, and working with a small group of individuals who enjoy and have gratitude for the experience of living on this land. I spend time facilitating and educating about the outdoors through activities and projects. I listen to others. I lead a team, but share power and help other grow as leaders and team players, and I do my fair share of the work.

The team shares the ‘work load’ and finds it fulfilling.  We maintain cabins & campsites for our guests. We maintain the facilities and ensuring the land is cared for and safe for human occupancy as well as for our plant and animal family. We grow much of our own food and share meals together.

Our guests at Camp Earth Connection share a joy of connecting with the earth and living in nature. Our guests find that peace, patience, and joy return or increases during their stay on the land.

There is a sense of equity.  The seasonal “team” that resides at the camp share feelings of being valued, cared for and a sense of pride in their work.  We all have a sense of belonging and community. There is often shared decision making, and all feel they have a voice, yet each individual recognizes the need to acquiesce at times for the benefit of the community and the earth.

We focus on sustainable living and regenerative earth work & skills via gardening, foresting, crafting, and land caretaking. We provide safe space and a healing environment. We build and maintain structures to meet the needs of guests with different experiences living close to nature.

Forest walk

Diversity is valued, respected and honored at Camp Earth Connection. We welcome and invite people who seek an experience where they can have felt safety. In particular during this challenging time in the country and the world, we welcome the BIPOC community, the LGBTQ+ community and others who seek a peaceful environment and accept and value diversity.

The land and facilities at Camp Earth Connection are drug and alcohol-free spaces. People who visit or live here are committed to being clean and sober while they are on the land.  For those who choose to drink alcoholic beverages or use other substances on occasion, they do so with moderation and not at the facility or on the land.

As the New Year begins, I reflect on the past year feeling much gratitude. I am grateful to be living on this land and living the life I love, for my family and friends who share a part of their lives with me, and to all the visitors and guests who have spent time on the land and also shared a bit of their lives with me. 

With Peace and Gratitude &

Wishing all a New Year filled with many peaceful and joyful moments,

Eshay and Druid