Mother Earth and Community

Camp Earth Connection wants to know your ideas of how to be better stewards and caretakers of our planet. 

Mural by local youth & artist, Khalil Bey

How can we lower are carbon footprint, and encourage and educate our family, friends & the camping community to join us? I recently attended a series of virtual workshops on a “Global Resilience Summit.” The information was both moving and inspirational. How do we get through this challenging time facing issues of political divisiveness, a global pandemic and global warming? I have shared a few links related to speakers that I heard, that you may find motivating and enlightening.

Winona LaDuke

The Indigenous Grandmothers

 Xiye Bastinda

Wisdom Weavers

Dan Siegel

Here are two key points that I took away from the workshops I attended:

#1 Self-care and self-worth is crucial – we cannot effectively build deeper relationships with others and the Earth if we are not value ourselves as a part of the Earth and take care of ourselves (emotionally and physically.)

#2 Do something.  It can be small or big – it can be public or private, by acting we build our hope and connections to each other and the planet.  Find what you are passionate about and act on it.

I started thinking more about my life and Camp Earth Connection. I was picturing all the garbage and bags and bags of recycling I bring to the waste station every season from the camping community. It’s just too much! Although recycling seems like a good thing (and it is), it still uses a lot of energy to convert it to something else.  And much of the recycling doesn’t get recycled.

I am personally committed to trying to live with less and reduce the “stuff” I need to buy.  I also love the idea of “re-using” stuff rather than recycling and buying more.  So I started thinking about what new practices or ideas can be incorporated into the camp. I came up with a few – but would love to hear your ideas too.

I am excited for the new season, and am really excited that I am no longer working a 2nd job so I’m hopeful to give more attention to my guests, my family and living a sustainable life, using sustainable and regenerative practices. Thank you for reading my post today, and Happy Spring to you.  Maybe you’ll join me on Earth Day at Camp Earth Connection?  Either way, take good care and I hope you can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle too, and follow your passion!  Hope to hear some of your ideas!

With Peace and Gratitude,

Eshay and Druid