A Writer’s Dream

It’s been too long my friends.  I have written this blog so any times in my head but sometimes finding the right words doesn’t come easily.  Most especially when I want my words to be honest, open and authentic.  I am pushing through my perfectionism though to connect with you all once more (Or all of you who read this anyways.)

I hope this note has found you well.  And if not, I wish you much healing, and a life filled with many peaceful and joyful moment.  Those moments for me, make it all worthwhile.  As I reflect back on the past seasons, I smile to think about all those wonderful moments.

Most recently, a friend came with me on an unplanned trip to meet my puppy love, now known as Druid


Dru for short.  It didn’t take me long to pick him from the litter.  He was beautiful and bashful and cowered as I lifted him up.  Less than a week later, he has become a best friend like Taz was, who I lost in last February.  Dru is playful, smart and totally at home.  Amazing how adaptable and loving our canine friends can be.

In the early Fall, I made a decision to retire from my work in the Human Service Field, so I could give more time to my family and Camp Earth Connection.  It’s exciting and scary – as it feels a little less secure.  But that in itself contributes to it feeling like the right thing to do.  Choosing security for me can be abandoning my dreams because of fear.  And heck, this life is short!

Time with family

So folks, I choose to live my dream.  How lucky am I?  And one of the things that I love to do is write.  Writing for me also can bring up fear.  Choosing to be honest, open and authentic is choosing to be vulnerable.  In order to move forward with writing, I decided to set up a writing retreat for myself and a few others who might be interested.  My hopes is that having a structured weekend, filled with outdoor experiences in the forest, a space to write and a space to share with others who are writing will be the start of good practice.  And it may help get the “writer’s flow” going.  Good food, good company and good connection.  For those who dream of writing and love that form of expression, please consider joining me this winter for “Eshay’s Writer’s Retreat.”  You can read more about the writer’s retreat soon, in my newsletter and the website.  I would love to connect with you in nature.

With peace and gratitude,