While I was away….

While I Was Away


As some of you know I spent a few weeks in Central-Southern Florida camping on the land of some friends of mine. It was so nice to wake up in my tent, and spend each and every day outdoors in natural surroundings.Well, maybe not totally natural. Around the little piece of heavenly land, there were orange and tangerine groves, which we could snack on. At night the coyotes were much like I hear at the camp, and even barred owls. Oh, and Florida mosquitos and red ants are not to be messed with.

Anyways…while I was away there was plenty of activity at the camp. I put a trailcam down by the wildlife pond which over the course of 4 weeks froze up and melted.

It was so exciting the view the 800 photos and whittle it down to about 80 photos of an array of mammals and birds. Please enjoy some of these exciting photos, and see if you can figure out what it is you are seeing!

With Peace and Gratitude,