Tree Tents, Cabin Tents and Primitive Tenting

This is an alcohol and drug free space.


Camp Earth Connection offers THREE PRIVATE CAMPSITES for campers who bring their own tents:

THE RABBIT HOLE: This site is tucked in the forest about 50 feet from main camp.  It’s a short walk from the “unloading area” and an excellent choice for families with young children or anyone who prefer’s not to walk very far to their site.  It can fit one 2-4 person tent or if you prefer, you can rent one of our (1-2 person tree tents) and we will have it all set up for you.  The site has a large fire pit with a heavy grill and a picnic table.  This is a well loved site, so you may want to book it early.

WHITE PINE FOREST SITE (Wilderness Site):  A short walk through the main camp field, and then a 100 foot walk into the forest there is a large White Pine tree which marks this campsite.  This site can have one 2-4 person tent or two smaller tents.  It has a portable fire pit.  This site is also about 100 feet from the dirt road that leads to the camp.

RING OF FIRE CAMPSITE (Primitive Site): A 5 minute walk down the hill leads you to our large fire circle, where you can set up your tents and have a beautiful view of the stars.  It is surrounded by forest and a short walk to the wildlife pond.   A latrine is also a short distance from the site.   It is a hilly site, so a bit challenging to find a totally level spot.  A great site for tree tents (available to rent.). This site can have a maximum of 6 people or three 2 person tents or 1 or 2 larger tents.   


  • Please note, All Campsites and Facilities do NOT allow alcoholic beverages or drugs.  Guests who do not follow this policy will have to leave and forfeit their camping fees.
  • Campsites are all “carry in and carry out” your garbage, recycling and gear.
  • The parking area is located just a few minutes from your campsite.  The most remote campsite might be a 5-6 minute walk.   Wagons are provided to move your gear for your convenience.
  • COVID-19 Safety Precautions are also in place.  Masks and social distancing are required in all community areas including showers, bathrooms and pavilions.

Campsite Cost (Bringing your own tent):   

    • Rabbit Hole: $35/night for up to two campers
    • White Pine and Ring of Fire: $30/night for up to two campers
    • Additional campers $5/child under 12 and $10/person 12 and over

Additional Fees:

    • One night refundable deposit fee ($30-$35) in addition to rental fee (for reservation and damage.)
    • Pet Fee: 25 dollars per dog (limit 2 dogs.). See below.


Dogs may be allowed in cabins or campsites with prior approval of the Director.  There is a non-refundable pet fee of 25 dollars per pet with a maximum of 2 dogs.  Dogs must be friendly with people and other dogs.  Dogs must not bark incessantly.  Dog owners must provide proof of current Rabies vaccination, and must keep dogs on a leash at all times.   Pet owner must clean up after their pets and keep their pets with them at all times, as they are not allowed to be at the facility without the owner present.  The owner will agree ahead of time to pay for any and all damages as a result of their pet.


TREE TENTS: Tent Camping just got a little more exciting this summer.  Try out one of our two Tree Tent sites.  These tents enable the camper to avoid the hard damp ground, yet give more space than a simple Hammock.  Each tent can sleep up to two people.

Tree Tent – Main Camp Site:  This site can have up to 3 tree tents.  It is  few minutes walk from main camp.  It is located close to a water spigot, and has a large fire pit with a grill and a picnic table.   There is a latrine a short walk away.   Each tent sleeps 1 or 2 people.  This site can have up to three tents or 6 campers.

Tree Tent – Primitive Camp Site:  This site is for the more experienced camper who can camp with just the basics of a tent and a small fire pit.  It is a 5 minute hike from the parking area, located privately by an inlet stream that flows into the wildlife pond.  It is a bit more secluded from other campsites and a bit further away from main camp and all the amenities (bathrooms, shower-house, etc.). There is a single person and a double tree tent available for this site with a maximum of 3 campers.

Reserving Tree Tent Campsites

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to stay in tree tent
  • Cost: $40/night for 1-2 people, additional tents are $25/night for 1-2 people
  • Two night minimum stay
  • $240/weekly for 1-2 people  
  • Additional Fees:
    • $25 one-time set up fee
    • 5% County Occupancy Tax 
    • $45 Refundable Reservation and Damage Deposit required  in addition to camping fee.
  • To reserve a tree tent, email to check availability.  
  • Deposit can be made to PayPal account:
  • Sorry, no pets allowed at Tree Tent campsites.


CABIN TENTS:  These spacious tents can easily accommodate up to 4 adults or provide a spacious cabin like atmosphere with two cots for two adults.   With approximately 100 square feet of room, they are tall enough to stand in and a lantern can be hung in the middle to provide plenty of light.  Cabin tents are located in a field bordering forest with both shade and sunlight.  Each site has a picnic table and fire pit nearby.

Reserving Cabin Tents Campsites

Cost: $40/night for 1-2 people, 2 night minimum stay.

Additional Fees:

$45 refundable reservation and damage deposit required 

$25 one time setup fee.

Additional people: $10/adult/night, $5/child/night

Weekly Rental: $225 for 1-2 people

Sorry no pets allowed at Cabin Tent campsites.


If you are interested in making a reservation please send an e-mail message to with the dates that you are requesting to see if there is availability.

Payment can be made via PayPal to account:

or mailed to:
Camp Earth Connection
63 Hammond Hill Rd.
Freeville, NY 13068