A Rainbow of Hope and Possibilities

There are a few things in life that will2004-08-01 09.53.37 always be good omens for me!  One is a rainbow.  On Mother’s day after a brief downpour this perfect rainbow appeared.  From the porch of my cabin on top of Hammond Hill I was able to see a complete rainbow over Camp Earth Connection below.  The site of it brought me hope and renewed my belief in the amazing possibilities each one of us may have during our lifetime.  My Spring days have been filled with the physical labor of taking down dead branches, repairing buildings, planting gardens and preparing the camp for a Summer & Fall full of opportunities for folks who will visit the camp.  When I am not outdoors, you can often find me on the computer or phone staying connected with all the folks helping me with the process of preparing of for the Grand Opening in June.  I am excited and look forward to meeting new folks as they visit the campground, attend some of our specialty children camp programs or participate in the Healing Hearts Women’s Retreat this Fall.    I also look forward to re-c0nnecting with returning folks who have become a part of the Camp Earth Connection community.

Gwen & Ronnie with quilt
Gwen & Ronnie with quilt

I have recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with Gwen Marston, a friend and quilter extraordinaire as we prepared for our “Quilt Campaign.”  Gwen a long-time quilter and author of many books,  has donated one of her many quilts to assist the camp in raising funds for both scholarships and necessary facility improvements.  I hope you have a chance to read more about this venture and share it with your connections who might be able to assist us in our vision to enhance the campground and bring more folks to Camp Earth Connection who would not be able to attend otherwise because of financial limitations.  Keep an eye on Facebook, our Mailing list and the website for more information about the Quilt Campaign.  We should have this up and running before June 1st!  Thank you keeping in touch with me by reading my blog – hope to connect with you soon!