My Gratitude List

Some of you may have heard of such slogans as “Have an attitude of gratitude” or the suggestion to “Make a gratitude list” when you are down in the dumps.  With all the exhausting work of preparing for winter, harvesting firewood, preserving food, tying up loose ends from the summer, and trying to figure out how to make it through another winter with winter bills and cold temps coming soon –  It is good for me to stop, open my eyes and heart and look around and remember all I am grateful for.sunset

So here it goes.

I am grateful for the sunsets on Hammond Hill

I am grateful to have spent the majority of my summer outside in nature.

I am grateful to have connected to more women, and experienced with them the peace and warmth that we found at the Fall Healing Hearts Retreat this year.

I am grateful for myDinner at Healing Hearts1 friendships that have carried me through my doubts, fears and moments of indecision.

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Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

I am grateful for the amazing weather, the sun, the moon, and the warm and cool breezes.



I am grateful Displaying 20150402_131945.jpgfor my young adult children who continue to meet the challenges in their lives and stay connected with me in one way or another.

I am grateful for my home on the hill, my best 4-legged friends, Lace and Taz.

I am grateful for my little Prius, that keeps on running – and moves me around when my feet can’t do the job.

I am grateful for all the children that came to CEC camp this summer, and the adults who made it all possible – the camp counselors and volunteers and parents and guardians.

I am grateful for the trees, the pond, the creeks, the trails, the creatures of the forest, the plants, the fields, the owls hooting at night, and the coyotes yipping.  And I am grateful to live in this amazing place.

I am so grateful to share time with all of you at the Camp, and look forward to many more connections, and peaceful and joyful moments.

And you?  What are some of the things you are grateful for?

Ahhh!  Back to the moment.  May we enjoy these precious moments.