Change – Facing Fear and Following Your Dreams

the road home
The Road Home

As we begin the month of December, I notice a familiar sad and insightful feeling within me – a knowing feeling that it is a time of change once more.  Change is often challenging and usually offers an opportunity for personal growth and progress.  Whatever feelings come up, I accept that change is inevitable and try to remember the faith that has come from looking backwards at my journey. In hindsight I feel confident that I am on the right path as a result of facing my fears and making necessary changes in my life.

Project RISE

Today I went down to the camp to close up a cabin that a visitor just checked out of, perhaps the last visitor of the year as there aren’t too many winter cabin dwellers.  Early each Winter I reminisce as  I walk around the quiet camp.  The children once playing in the fields are gone, the campers who stayed in cabins and tents are all gone, and the women who spent time at the Fall Retreats are also gone for the season.  I will smile, sometimes with tears in my eyes, and feel grateful for the memories and moments from the past seasons, and hopeful for what the new year  will bring.

So as we near Winter Solstice and I begin to reflect on the challenges that arose and were met, I also begin to envision the next steps in my life and for Camp Earth Connection.  We shall start the year with the 2nd Annual Healing Hearts Winter Women’s Weekend Retreat at the Mountain Queen Cabin.  I look forward to connecting once more with women, as we share our gifts of healing arts and practices with each other.

With Peace and Gratitude,