A Day in the Life of the Director

On a recent trip from NYC, I hit traffic on the Taconic Parkway- and a sign that said “1 hour delay expected.”   Fortunately I was Mtn Queen Spring w ronnielistening to a Pema Chodron Retreat CD that I purchased a couple years ago when I was camping in Provincetown.  I listened to Pema speak about living life with a sense of wonder and dropping all prejudices about what the day might hold.  She spoke of beginning each day with a question like “I wonder what adventures lie ahead?”  Spring is a great time to start each day with an attitude of wonder, awe and excitement.  Something new always seems to be happening, whether it being a flower blooming or a baby being born.

pemaEspecially on sunny days, I am so filled with excitement and energy about all the upcoming events and activities planned at Camp Earth Connection, that I struggle to decide what to pay attention to first.  If you are wondering what it is like to work at something you love and be your own boss….here is a snippet of my life:


I look out from my porch and can’t believe I am so fortunate to live where I do.  I put the oatmeal on the wood stove, looking forward to a breakfast of oatmeal with raisins, walnuts and maple syrup from the trees cooking maple syrup at the mountain queenfrom the forest I call home.  I promise myself I can do “outside” work, once I complete some of the necessary inside/office work.

I have my breakfast and begin checking e-mail and responding: I plan a tour for a teacher of a school group who will be coming in June; I agree to keep in touch with a retired professor who  hopes to rent a rustic cabin for a month in June; I read an e-mail from my sister with ideas for the interior design of some of the new cabins & I read her thoughts and questions about a camp sign which the neighbor said she would consider allowing me to put on her property.  I read a response from a friend who suggested a youtube video (Rita Pierson) and loves the youtube video (Clint Black) that I forwarded suggested by my son. And I realize, oh she teaches at Marist College, and I just talked to them on the phone yesterday about student interns – A connection!  I open a Healing Hearts workshop proposal from a new contact in Tennesee – on “Animal Communication.”  How interesting, I think.

happy painterTime to drive my son to school.  I make it home in record time to take a short run on the trails.  A warm windy day, and Taz is thrilled to get back out on the trails.  OK, now for phone calls – A  quick check in with my oldest son, haven’t heard from him in awhile.  All is good.  Phone call appt. with Sarah, to discuss planning of Adoption Connection Weekend.  We discuss tasks needed to be done, and decide to keep it simple & fun.  A review of my Air BNB site, and sent the link to a friend who has agreed to look it over.  Phone call with my sister to discuss program brochures she is working on for the camp and more about interior design of cabins & other ideas.  A quick look at Ithaca Craiglist to see if there are any free windows, which might work for my new “Library Cabin.”

What???? It’s lunch time already.  Thankfully there is still leftover Lentil Soup from the HH Women’s Dish to Pass last Saturday.  Hmmm, I’m sure it is still good – if I boil it – any bad stuff should be killed, right?  And now finishing up a new blog post – to keep my friends and potential friends updated.

What’s next?   I have a grant proposal to write for scholarships for youth; A letter to write to send out to past donors for Village Camp & Project RISE; and finally my favorite – Outdoor Work –  before I head to Dryden to hang some more Fliers on my way to pick up my son from school.

But not too worry…there is always room for adventures and wonder.  Sometimes the plan just has to change.  Be well my friends!  And look forward to the adventures ahead.