Pancakes and Smoke

Each summer from late May to early October, Taz and I get up early in the morning to do our morning routine of coffee, stretching and a walk in the forest. Following that routine we prepare a “campfire pancake and oatmeal breakfast” for our guests. This is a wonderful time of connection when we get to meet campers from around the world. It always amazes me how folks who never met before quickly find areas of shared experiences and interests and warmly welcome each other. Maybe the magic is in the pancakes, as most folks say that these are the best pancakes they ever had! Or maybe the magic in the smoke, as it mixes with the air that we breathe. Whatever it is, it is part of why I love hosting people at this sacred place.

As many of you in upstate NY know, summer took awhile to get here and then arrived full blown! The birds wake me each morning around 4:30 with their songs. Morning has broken. Taz is curled up on his bed in my one room cabin, and I wake to the fresh air coming through my walls of screened windows. Sometimes I wake to the rain on my tin roof and other times the sunshine and breezes. How fortunate Taz and I are to live in such a wonderful place. One morning as I stepped outside with Taz, I spotted a young fox just down the hill a bit, before I could grab Taz – they were off and running. Happy to say Taz returned shortly after, giving up on catching his wild cousin.

Smooth Green Snake. A beautiful resident on Hammond Hill. Feeds on insects and spiders.

On this simply beautiful day, I just want to honor and cherish this wonderful planet we live on. Each wild creature and plant on Earth helps bring balance and sustainability. Wishing you all many moments in nature. Please know you are always as welcome as flowers in Spring at Camp Earth Connection.

With Peace and Gratitude,

Eshay & Taz