Camp Earth Connection welcomes folks who need a breather from their quaranteened lives.

Taz hanging out while I prepare “Coyote’s Den” Rustic Cabin for guests

On this July 4th weekend, I was pleased to fill the camp with folks who truly appreciated getting out of their quaranteened spaces and connecting with nature. Today I said goodbye to one happy couple (home of origin: Saudi Arabia.) They told me how glad they were that the state park camping was full, and they ended up at Camp Earth Connection. They appreciated the privacy of their site, and yet the connection with nature and the camp community. Another group of guests (home of origin: Brazil) told me how wonderful it was to get away from the cities that were having nightly fireworks going off – and scaring their dogs.

Happy Camper and Pup

We had 11 dogs visiting the camp this weekend! (A record.)

If you don’t know, Camp Earth Connection only has 15 sites, so everyone has space (for social distancing) and yet you know there are other like minded folks all around you. My heart was filled with joy, as my vision for Camp Earth Connection once more was affirmed. Folks were finding peace, solace and connection with nature and each other, even if from a distance. So many smiles and relaxed faces. Well, my face may not have looked quite relaxed as in the middle of this beautiful weekend a wasp made a bullseye for my forehead….and I am walking around with swollen eyes. No one seems to notice though, I guess everyone is just feeling good.

A Friendly Outdoor Game of Ping Pong

CEC values diversity and welcomes people from a variety of cultures and from around the world. Camp Earth Connection is about Community and Connection. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed. I know that some choose not to come here, as camping to them might mean being able to chill and have a beer, or get a little wild and crazy – and there are plenty of spaces to do that too, but not at Camp Earth Connection! Here, at Camp Earth Connection, it is time to retreat, connect, find joy and laughter with each other and nature and listen to night sounds of the Earth and Gaze at the stars and the moon in the night sky.

I would be happy to welcome you this summer. Come sing a song, say a prayer, give thanks and find the peace and joy in this beautiful world that we are a part of. BECAUSE…

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” From “The Lorax”, Dr Seuss

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The Truffula Tree Latrine @ Camp Earth Connection