July 10, 2021

As Camp Earth Connection, Taz and I grow older, I have to face the finiteness of our lives on this planet. Time is broken down into moments, and each one seems more precious to me.

Chauntavia and Taz in his younger days
Taz and Nyla

Taz joined my familiy as a young puppy during a chaotic time in our lives. Then, Puppy Taz and our cat Lacy got really sick. At one point I was administering both of them daily IV’s to hydrate them. They made it through though, and Taz and my children grew up on the land, and all played an integral part of the development of the children’s camp at Camp Earth Connection. All of my children attended as campers, and eventually they all worked at the camp in different roles. Taz became the camp dog, and brought many smiles to campers – and a few tears, as he would sneakily steal their lunch sandwiches when they weren’t looking.

PJ and Taz

Taz’s journey on this planet is winding down, and I am struggling to imagine this journey without his physical presence. But for now, a day at a time, 3 generations of my family enjoy his presence and life. What a gift people have been given to have the companionships of our canine friends. We look forward to visiting with you this Summer or Fall!

Taz at a friends with AC, being treated as the “Prince of Hammond Hill”

Much peace and love to you.

Eshay and Taz