Meet the Director Copy

Susan Rausch, Camp DirectorSusan Rausch is the owner and creator of Camp Earth Connection and its programs.

Susan has owned the camp since 2002 after having previously been the Director of Camp Programs at the site beginning in 1996. As the Director, Susan created the Explorer Camps and Village Camp Programs which introduced children and their families to primitive outdoor living and survival skills through experiential learning activities designed to get children excited about being outdoors and in nature. Since then Camp Earth Connection has offered a diversity of programs.

Susan has been designing and implementing environmental programs for youth and adults for over 25 years, always incorporating an anti-biased approach to ensure that programs are as inclusive as possible. It is of utmost importance to Susan that Camp Earth Connection be a safe place for all people from diverse backgrounds.

Susan is an Adoptive Parent and has raised 7 amazing kids! All of her children have been involved in Camp Earth Connection both as Campers and Camp Counselors.

Susan believes in a Great Spirit that connects all of us to each other and the Earth. She believes that for harmony to exist, that connection must be maintained, and that at this time people need to find more ways to be connected to the Earth and each other. Susan knows that Camp Earth Connection on Hammond Hill is a sacred place that can be healing and energizing to all who spend time there.