2017 Healing Hearts Workshop Descriptions

An Introduction to Zen Archery

Susan Rausch

After teaching Beginning Archery for many of years to children and adults, I realized how frustrating it can be for individuals as they judge themselves on their ability to “hit the target.”   A couple of years ago I began reading about Kyudo, or “The Way of the Bow” which is a Japanese martial art.  Kyudo is sometimes associated with Zen Buddhism as a meditation form – with a focus on breathing, form and becoming one with the bow.   Hitting the target becomes of less importance than developing a technique, or a set of movements that is consistent.  We clear our mind of thoughts and become one with the bow.   Join me to learn some basic archery techniques and practice becoming one with the bow.

Vision Board

Sherron Brown

Description coming shortly

Gentle Yoga for everyone

Sareanda Lourdes, RN

Yoga will be offered in mornings for all women.  Yoga instruction will accommodate women at all levels from first time yoga participants to those who regularly participate in yoga.

Reflective Writing  for Healing and Growth

Sherron Brown

Description coming shortly

Forest Bathing: A Meditative Walk in the Woods

Susan Rausch, Owner Camp Earth Connection and Frequent Forest Bather

Forest bathing is the practice of taking a short, leisurely visit to a forest for health benefits. The practice originated in Japan where it is called shinrin-yoku or “taking in the forest atmosphere.”   Join Susan for a walk on the Hammond Hill trails, in which we will take a meditative approach with breathing, walking and observing and most importantly connect with the “healing” effects of forest.

Animal Tracks and Signs at Hammond Hill

Linda Spielman

Every track and sign tells a story.  Linda has been studying, teaching, drawing, photographing and writing about animal tracks and signs for years, and in this workshop you, too, will begin to learn the language of nature. Find out why Linda is so inspired and excited about animal tracking as she leads you on a quest to discover the stories that nature hides in plain sight

Communicating Peacefully and Effectively when in Conflict

Gladys Brangman

This workshop was designed to give anyone the tools they need to find their own voice, when dealing with a difficult situation. During this workshop, attendees will learn to recognize and examine their own responses to conflict, learn what peacemaking responses look like and then apply those responses to their own difficult situations. This peacemaking approach to conflict breathes grace and brings integrity and wisdom to the table.

Aroma Therapy: An Overview

Cha Roberts, LMT, CHCA (Certified Holistic & Clinical Aromatherapist)

In this class we will explore basic information of essential oils for aromatherapy use.

We will explore:

  • what essential oilsare and where they come from
  • methods of application
  • using essential oils and safety considerations
  • some essential oil products

Then:  We will create a blend for personal use



Women in Business: A Panel Presentation & Discussion about why we do what we do

Susie Gutierrez, Susan Rausch, Cha Roberts

The presenters will give a brief overview of their “business stories.”  They will each be sharing about – Why they do what they do and what they love about it; What keeps them motivated; And How they manage to get through challenges.  After they share – there will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions and share thoughts.