Winter Weekend Healing Hearts Presenters

Susan Rausch

Susan RauschSusan Rausch is the owner of Camp Earth Connection(CEC) and will be your host and co-director along with Sherron Brown for upcoming Winter Weekend Retreat at the Mountain Queen cabin. Susan designed the Healing Hearts Program and introduced the first retreat for women in the Fall of 2010.   In addition to the annual Fall Weekend Retreat, Camp Earth Connection also hosts a  Fall Day Retreat, a Winter Weekend Retreat and a Winter Day Retreat each year.

Susan is pleased to welcome you to your first visit or your return to Camp Earth Connection.  This year CEC offers additional winter lodging besides the Mountain Queen Cabin – there are two one-room Cabins w/electric & heat, just a 10 minute walk down the road (which is also drivable pending deep snow.)

Susan designed Healing Hearts Retreats to provide a safe space for women to support one another in their individual and collective journeys in healing and growth. Through the exploration of the arts, healing practices, and connection to the earth through workshops, performances, and activities, women share their knowledge, expertise, and experience so that each may heal more deeply and stretch into living her truth more fully. The aim is to deepen the sense of community among women, increase personal peace and well-being, and empower women to be more effective in whatever service they offer the world. Healing Hearts welcome a richly diverse population of women who vary in culture, age, sexual preference, socioeconomic status, and persuasions of all kinds.

Sherron Brown

sherron 2015Sherron Brown is a long time friend of the  Healing Hearts Retreat Community.  Last year at the Winter Weekend Retreat Sherron joined Camp Earth Connection as a Co-Director/Facilitator of the Healing Hearts retreats and has co-facilitated three retreats this year.  Sherron is a seasoned instructor who started at Healing Hearts in the Fall of 2011 by offering a contemplative writing workshop for women. From the beginning the women who attended Sherron’s workshops loved the workshops  and loved Sherron.  She has an amazing ability to patiently and clearly communicate with women and support them with her gentle but firm guidance and loving kindness.  Sherron has become an integral part of the Healing Hearts community.

Sherron’s background includes extensive experience working with and engaging young people.  Sherron was able to help young people while helping herself “write through some of life’s challenges.”Currently Sherron is the Assistant to the Director of the Department of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity.

Sherron has described her philosophy of writing in the following way, “I am a lover of the process. I have learned that wherever my writing takes me is exactly where I am supposed to be. I enjoy surrendering to the process of learning about who I am, and how I can support my sisters in becoming who they are. My medium is writing. What’s yours?”

Sareanda Lourdes

sareanda and indigo

Sareanda is a mother and a holistic women’s health nurse with a practice in Maya Abdominal Therapy, Holistic Pelvic Care, Botanical Medicine, Wild Feminine Circles, and Kundalini Yoga.  Sareanda Lourdes has been a presenter at Healing Hearts since 2014 with great success receiving many positive reviews.  Sareanda also has offered Yoga sessions for women of all levels at the Healing Hearts Retreats and will return to the Winter Weekend Retreat this year once more as a yoga guide.   Sareanda believes that every woman has access to the power, spirit, and joy nested in the root of her body. Sareanda is devoted to helping women remember this power and thrive, physically, energetically, and spiritually.