Earth Connection Summer Camp Programs Copy

Earth Connection Summer Camp Programs Copy

2016 Summer Camp Programs

maria1Carpentry Camp For Teen Girls

Monday-Friday, August 8-12, 8:30am-5pm     Grades: 6-12

Camp Earth Connection & Hammerstone Carpentry School for Women  will join together for our 2nd summer to offer a unique experience for teen girls.  The first three days will be spent learning carpentry skills and working on the group project.  Thursday and Friday girls will complete the finishing touches on the project, including designing and painting a mural on the structure.  Camp Earth Connection and Hammerstone  have designed this program to empower young women, increase self-confidence and provide life-skills. 

Bring Your Camp to Camp Earth Connection

Camp Earth Connection is available to host camps that stay within the philosophy of Earth Connection, “Diversity, Acceptance and Community.”

 Village Camp: A Community Camp for Youth Ages 6-Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 6.39.23 PM14

Monday – Friday, August 15 – 19                                  8:30am – 5pm 

Village Camp is a community camp in which children of different ages come together  to learn to live in harmony with each other and nature. Children participate with the staff in a daily routine of homesteading chores such as animal and garden care, snack preparation and campfire cooking. Children are taught in a way that promotes unity, respect and sustainability. Village Camp also includes “Community y Projects” in which everybody works together to create and complete a project which will enhance the community.

Project RISE(Resilience in Spite of Everything) & the Village Camp Scholarship Program

At Camp Earth Connection we recognize that the best way to tackle some of life’s hardest challenges is TOGETHER! And we also think spending time in nature can help too.   Project RISE offers support and programming to children and families who have family members who are or have been incarcerated.  Camp Earth Connection will provide a limited number of scholarships to Project RISE youth so that they can attend Village Camp.  Village Camp nurtures trusting relationships among youth with similar life experiences, provide guidance and mentorship across generations, providing a space for children and families to heal.  If your family has been affected by incarceration and you are interested in a scholarship please contact us at  We are currently seeking donations to help provide scholarships for Project RISE and low-income families.  Please contact us if you are able to help.  Thanks!