Serenity on the Hill

First Snow 2015

It may be challenging for some of us to wake up on October 17th and look out the window to see a thin layer of snow on our cars, or on the fields.  I will admit two feelings and thoughts came rushing to me.  The first was a sense of peace.  It’s like a “cleansing” has begun.  The bittersweet beginning of an end of another beautiful Fall season.  The second feeling was a short quick panic.  The amazing universal spirit has gently changed my path, keeping me out of the forest for awhile – where the rest of my firewood needs to be collected and split for the winter.  With funds tight, and the forecast of a rough winter, for a split second I worry, and think will Ioctober morning 2015 make it through the winter?

The fear subsides quickly and a feeling of peace returns.  Awareness leads to acceptance of what is – All of it – the challenges and the gifts which bring so much gratitude.   The beauty is breathtaking; the air feels clean and fresh, and the coffee is hot!  My leg aches a little from a small fracture I escaped with after a woodcutting mishap, and my cabin is array – but Life is Good.

I will strive for patience today, and do my best to keep an attitude of gratitude.  Today I will reflect on some of my dear Elders who have passed and left a legacy of loving kindness which brought me through my youth and early adulthood.  Maybe, if I am so fortunate to do so, I will pass on some of that loving kindness and support that was so freely given to me.

With a smile on my face and sunshine in my heart – I will look forward to connecting with all of you who stop by Camp Earth Connection during the change of seasons. Maybe we shall connect at the Halloween Event, or the Fall Retreat or the Winter Solstice.

Please know that – As a dear friend, Miss Emma use to say – “You are as welcome as the flowers in May.”

With Peace and Gratitude,