Rivers and Streams

In my reflections of the past year I am grateful for all the rivers and streams that I have crossed paths with and I treasure the memories that came with them. There is a stream I pass every day on my morning walk. It is always wonderful to hear it’s voice, whether it be a trickling, babbling, raging or almost silent. Like many, the sound brings me a sense of peace and connection. It’s comforting to know I belong here, on this planet. At times in my life I sometimes struggle with feeling a sense of belonging. But when I am in nature, never have I struggled with the sense of feeling like I am a part of something. Something very big and very wonderful.

Morning Walk in Vermont

In October I had the wonderful experience of a weekend away in the mountains of Vermont, with one of my daughters and grandson. We climbed hills, admired waterfalls, and early in the morning while my child and grandchild slept I walked along a quiet road enjoying a quiet stream and feeling joy and gratitude for the gift of being alive on this planet.

In November, I visited my Mom in Taos. The mountains welcomed me home. I realized how I am at home every time I make a connection with the world. After a wonderful week hiking the mountains and connecting with family I drove out of Taos and had to pull over as the Rio Grande River was calling me. It was very cold and windy and the river was magnificent. What an amazing feeling to be a part of it.

Rio Grande River

In December, I went to NYC to connect with family. It was a short trip, but meaningful. On the way out of the city, once again I felt compelled to pull off at a rest area and overlook. Just outside NYC, I stood at the top of cliffs looking down at the amazing Hudson River. Older then my oldest relatives and wiser then I can imagine. And I felt connected to a part of something much bigger and more wonderful then myself. Something so special about the Earth is- it is always there. Throughout the challenges of my life, I have always found refuge and peace in nature, and no matter where I am, I have been able to access it.

Hudson River

In 2020 – I wish everyone to opportunity to find connection with Nature and the peaceful and joyful moments that can come with it.

With Peace and Gratitude,

Eshay & Taz