A Natural Campground? A Safe Campground? Why Camping at CEC can be a life changing experience..

Today at many campgrounds you can find mini-golf; swimming pools, arcades, junk food and all kinds of modern recreational “stuff.”  At Camp Earth Connection, I want to make camping just  a “tadpole” bit different then the modern day campground.  (Tad may actually originate from the word tadpole describing a small child.) camp pondCamp Earth Connection is located in the town of Dryden, NY -approximately 20 minutes from Ithaca, NY.

I want to make camping a life changing experience, and I believe it is a real possibility.  First and foremost, camping at CEC is all about helping folks connect to their natural environment in a fun and positive manner.  That means if you are a first time camper, you will receive the information, support and friendship you need to learn the ropes.  Myself, my family, volunteers and interns will help you with things like starting a fire, cooking with grills, camping stoves, staying warm, setting up tents, cabin living, and of course having fun and learning about nature.   We will offer fun programs throughout the camping season, including guided hikes, a sacred tree walk, a performance of the Lorax, campfire programs, animal tracking, and campfire coffee and pancake breakfasts.

For those of you who love camping and nature and are experienced campers, we offer a place where you can experience nature on a deeper level, without drugs and alcohol.  We offer campsites, cabins, lean-tos and rustic cabins which are private and even secluded. There are Mountain Bikes to rent, and guided tours of the trails.  Trail maps and tourist books are provided for folks who are visiting from out of the area.  We have naturalists and guests who are happy to share their knowledge and experience with you.

One of the most uniqueDSC02595 qualities of CEC  campground is the commitment to providing  “a safe space” for everyone.  We welcome people of color,  people from the LGBTQ community, people in recovery from addiction,  just to mention a few groups who have had to deal with barriers to safe camping experiences.   We are committed to addressing oppressive behaviors that are Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Ageist, etc.  If you visit the website or read any of my posts, you will see this message over and over again:  CEC values diversity, acceptance and community.   CEC is an alcohol and drug free environment.  There is no shortage of campgrounds that allow alcohol and most do not really address the issues which prevent people from being safe.  CEC does care, and although we are not perfect, we will continue to grow and stay committed to these values.Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.02.29 PM

My dream as a young adult was to have a camp for children who might be experiencing camping and nature for the very first time.   Born in Brooklyn, NY,  my family moved around the Burroughs of NYC until I was about 6 years old.  At that time they decided they wanted to raise their 4 children (later to be 5) in the country.  So we were moved up Cuddebackville, NY in an old farmhouse with no neighbors in site.  My parents still commuted to NYC for work and school (about a 2 hour drive each way) and we became latch key kids.  And that is where  my love for exploring in the woods began.  My dream has expanded.  I want to connect with all people who share CEC values of diversity, acceptance and community; and I want to connect in Nature.

Hope to see you soon, my new friends!

With Peace and Gratitude,