Camp Earth Connection’s Provides a Safe Space for the LGBTQ Community & Allies

Hammond HillDear Friends, Acquaintances and People of the World,

I invite you to open your hearts for a moment and remember we are all connected to each other and the Earth.   I believe in that connection is where we will find peace and acceptance.  I decided earlier this year to offer a week of camping from July 4-10 to the LGBTQ community, our friends and allies.  I have received a couple of calls from folks who are worried about safety.  Every day, I remind myself that I will choose not to live in fear or anxiety.   It is a decision that I need to make over an over again – but it is empowering, And it is through my connections with the Earth and the good and wonderful people in my life that I draw strength.  Let us celebrate life, and diversity and community!  I hope you can join me for a day, a week or in spirit up on Hammond Hill at Camp Earth Connection this season.

The LGBTQ camping week is a great chance for some of us to gather, make connections, heal and renew our spirits and gain strength and support.   Folks can come for any amount of time.  All activities are free though we do request a donation if that is affordable.  There is a fee for camping, and there are a variety of camping options.

Throughout July,  there are different programs offered at the campground, open to everyone and there will are also scheduled camp tours.  Come check us out.  I believe you won’t be disappointed and I hope you will find the great energy and spirit that lives on this Hill.  Please remember that Camp Earth Connection is an alcohol and drug free facility.

In Peace and Gratitude,