Seeking Balance and Serenity

picnic table eve
Sun setting on Camp Earth Connection

I often tell my children (now all young adults), “You can do anything in life you want – But – You can’t do everything.”   My life is amazing.  I have seen my dreams come true over and over again.  They often don’t “look” like I thought they would “look.” The journey leading me to the fulfillment of a dream is always filled with unexpected challenges – hills & valleys; Which makes the fruition of the dream even more meaningful.

Loss is inevitable and necessary for the changes and growth to happen.  Once again as I see one dream come to a reality, I find I have to let go of another part of my past life.   My days are full; and always I have a multitude of choices as to how I will spend the next hour, minute or second.   The choices aren’t easy, and demand that I “let go” in order to move forward with the newest phase of my life.

taz sunset
Taz looking over the camp at the end of the day

This year, after 14 years of directing children’s camps at Camp Earth Connection and after a lifetime of working in the field – I decided I would not be able to offer a children’s camp this summer.  After my initial feelings of disappointment in the economy,  lack of registrations and funding, I moved to a deeper feeling of sadness.  It was a hard decision, but it opened up space and time. I needed to focus on a new direction – A Natural Campground and the Women’s Healing Hearts Retreats.

“Letting Go” is an amazing process and fills me with feelings of sadness, fear, joy and excitement all at the same time.  This year I also let go of “childhood” as my youngest son turns 18 and prepares for college.  And for him another phase of life begins in which he will study elementary education after a fun filled summer as a camp counselor at GIAC.

I envision that the future at Camp Earth Connection will include a space where children once more will gather for camp with new leadership – which supports the Earth Connection philosophy of Diversity, Acceptance and Community.

In the meantime, I am excited to have people from our local community and from around the world come to the Natural Campground at Camp Earth Connection and leave with feelings of gratitude, appreciation of the natural surroundings and community through connections with other visitors from around the world.

The Director’s Cabin

The campground has a small number of sites, with a variety of cabins and camping areas to meet individuals needs.  Folks park in a designated parking area, so guests are not surrounded by cars;  And each site has space to provide privacy and an intimate connection with nature.  I typically make pancakes, oatmeal, coffee and tea in the Red Eft Cafe to share with guests who come to stay.  There are portable fire pits so folks can enjoy a campfire by their cabin and hot showers are available to all guests.

And the preparations begin  for the 6th Annual Healing Hearts Fall Retreat for Women, just scheduled for September 9-11.  An amazing opportunity for women throughout the region, and myself as we learn and practice new ways to heal and grow.

I am ever so grateful for being able to reside in this beautiful space and am happy to share it with folks who want to make a new connection or find some peace and solace on Hammond Hill.  20 miles of trails through the Hammond Hill forest attract horseback riders, mountain bikers, hikers and bird watchers to this amazing area.  Welcome to my home and yours.

With peace and gratitude,