Susan and Taz: Summer Report & Fall Dreams

directors 2016Taz:   (Translated by Susan)  Summer has been amazing here at the camp!  The chipmunks are out of control.  I have caught 4 in the past 2 months!  I really don’t understand why Susan always wants me to let them go, they are so much fun – and they constantly tease me and chatter at me.  But that’s not all – every night when I hear the Barred Owl hoot, I know I’ll get an ear rub.  You see, the owl hoots, and Susan starts telling me to be quiet and come to her, then she rubs my ears, which feels great.  Oh…and let me tell you about the campers.  They come from all over just to visit me!  They smile at me and pet me, and sneak me snacks (or maybe I sneak the snacks…)  Anyways,  they really seem happy to see me, especially in the morning when they come to the Red Eft cafe for coffee, pancakes and oatmeal.  But, the best part is – I get to live at the camp and be outside all day!  I lay in the sun, or chase chipmunks or get ear rubs – And – I can’t wait to tell you this – Now I get to go to Toad’s Ice Cream and get doggy cones!!!  It really is a dog’s world!

Susan:  (Taz’s translation) Woof!   Woof! Woof!

Susan:   In case you can’t understand Taz talk –  the summer has been truly amazing.   I am living my dream – ok – so it is really hard work, but as Taz mentioned above, we get to live outside down at the camp; we get to meet wonderful people (although they don’t give me ear rubs) and we are both feeling really connected to nature.   I love listening to the coyotes chatter at night, the owls hoot, and even my neighbors rooster crowing in the distance (love those eggs Anne L!)  Folks who visit CEC seem to appreciate this space so much, and children run around and seem happy.  Cooking meals over the campfire and cook-stove daily; having famtaz sunsetily members visit and pitch in to get through the busy weekends and continuously working to improve this space and make it safe and enjoyable for everyone….that is what I have been doing.

Susan & Taz:   Fall Dreams – Come visit us – Come share with us this amazing space where we all get to make connections with each other and nature.   We are totally excited for the upcoming retreats.  Susan is excited about the hot tub coming this week and Taz, well Taz just lives in the moment and totally enjoys!

I dream of peace; I dream of more connections; and I dream of continuing to create and make spaces available for all people to find peace and serenity in nature.  I dream of beautiful spaces like Camp Earth Connection and Hammond Hill being here for my grandchildren as they grow up.  I dream of my children finding & maintaining a sense of peace and solace in their lives.

With peace and gratitude,

Good night.

Susan (& Taz)