Into the Cold

Last night, by the light of the moon, I walked down Hammond Hill Road with Taz.  Well, I walked and Taz ran.  It was a mix of clouds and stars and moonlight.  It was cold and crisp and quite amazing.  We are spending the weekend down at camp while guests stay at the Mountain Queen.  This is actually quite a treat, or shall I say “retreat.”

My hopes had been to be somewhere warm, sunny and wild this February.  Well here I am, in my warm cabin, with the sun shining through my windows, and in the middle of the Hammond Hill State Forest.   Sometimes I think we do get what we wish for – it just isn’t always the way we imagine it to be.

After spending most of the morning writing and putting together the newsletter, we (Taz and I) ventured outside for awhile.  A couple of weeks ago during the warm spell I began to work on what I shall refer to as “South-West Camp.”  There are two Lean-To’s and what will be a group camp site, in the middle of a mixed forest of Hemlock, some young hardwoods and a beautiful grandmother Great White Pine.  This is “South-West” of the main camp.  I typically have some project at the camp that I have a future “vision” for.  Literally – I have a vision…so I decided this morning to take a “before” picture and hopefully will have some “after” photos in a few months.


After some running around Taz found a warm spot on the porch of the cabin in the sun where he still sits.  I decided to start a fire and heat up snow for dishwashing.  (The dirty dishes had started piling up from the last couple of stays at my little cabin.  I didn’t feel much like putting together a meal (it felt about 10F outside) so I heated up a can of clam chowder while working on dishes.

So now, I’m back in the cabin, hot co-co in hand and back to the computer – dreaming of warmer days and peace on Earth.

Peace & Love to all,

Taz and Susan