Why Women?

Why Women?

At times I have wondered how it is I ended up focusing so much on women’s programs at Camp Earth Connection. I value men and adore my 4 sons & 2grandsons (plus one on the way.) Myself, I feel pretty “gender neutral” and grew up loving and envying stereotypical “boy” activities and privileges.

Ultimately, I believe I was intrinsically guided to focus on empowering women because of the “imbalance” that is happening in the world today. Whether we call it the Yin and Yang , or the “spiritual” versus the “physical” part of lives, things definitely have been “out of whack” for awhile.  Check out this article for The Yin and Yang of balanced leadership.

I won’t go into the psychology of it, but as described in the article above “Men tend to be more competitive, evidence based, results oriented and present focused. Women, on the other hand, tend to be more collaborative, intuitive, empathetic and future focused. Certainly, both men and women can and do possess the traits of both genders, but each gender is geared toward natural tendencies.”

I myself have had to work hard in order to remember to be more reflective, to hesitate before I speak or act, and to meditate to bring my mind at peace so I can think and hear with more clarity. This is not been typical behavior for me. I have always had a lot of what might be considered ‘male energy’ and like to “do” and stay busy. But that energy did not bring me the serenity that I also sought. I do believe it’s all about finding balance.

The Healing Hearts Women’s Retreats began with me seeking out women who had “healing arts and practices” to share. Practices such as meditation, reiki, shamanic healing, aromatherapy, painting, sculpturing, writing and walking – all in a “mindful” way. The energy that is brought to the retreats really breath-taking or I should say breath-giving. The loneliness, hopelessness, pain and suffering dissipates and is replaced with laughter, hope, tears, relaxation and healing. Sometimes there is discomfort as each individual addresses patterns that have shackled them. Growth is essential for each individual to move forward on their path but not always comfortable.

I believe it is time for women step into more leadership roles. Women must re-connect with Mother Earth and each other to find the unlimited strength and courage that will be needed for us to work with each other as well as our boys and men. Camp Earth Connection will continue to welcome all genders, but acknowledges that women have to stand up and take their place as leaders and healers in the world. Camp Earth Connection honors all individuals, and ask that the men stand by and support the women and the energy and strength that they will bring to our imbalanced planet.

Please enjoy and share some of the upcoming CEC programs for women, and know that all are welcome to the Camp Earth Connection campground.

Upcoming Women’s Programs at Camp Earth Connection:

  • Outdoor Living Skills Weekends for Women: Women will go into the woods and set up camp! We will focus on our basic needs: Fire, Water, Food and Shelter as we work & play together to set up a campsite in the forest and prepare an initiation fire which will deem the site, a “women’s campsite” for contemplation, mediation, healing and growing of our leadership skills. Each weekend is limited to 6 women. May 12-14th & June 9-11th. Sliding Scale fees.
  • Healing Hearts Dish to Pass: Saturday, May 20th at 5pm at Camp Earth Connection. A free gathering for women to re-connect with eachother as well as make new connections. This is a great chance to hear from past participants and presenters of the Healing Hearts Women’s Retreats.
  • Healing Hearts Women’s Fall Retreat: September 8-10, Friday noon – Sunday noon. The 8th annual retreat will continue to offer a variety of activities and workshops to help women move forward in their personal journies. Local women share a variety of skills and activities such as Yoga, Meditaion, Reflective Writing, Walking, Zen Archery, Painting etc.
  • Camp Earth Connection/Hammerstone Carpentry Camp Retreat, September 21-24. Women led carpentry skills will be taught at CEC adjacent to the Hammond Hill State Forest. Retreats include, yoga, meditation, hot tub, and an opportunity to connect with nature and eachother.